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Treatment Preperation 

For all Makeup/Lash Treatments, please arrive without eye or face makeup on.  

For polish pedicures, please ensure you wear open toe shoes, as polish can take some time to fully cure. 

Male facials, we recommend shaving twenty four hours before scheduled treatment.

Tanning Preperation 

To prepare for your spray tan, exfoliate your skin well in the days leading up to your appointment and carry out any hair removal prior to your spray tan. Upon arrival at your appointment, please ensure that you are not wearing deodorant, perfume or moisturiser. Dark loose clothing is recommended to be worn after your spray tan

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Eyebrow tinting

pre and post care 

We request that no fake tan or face tan is to be applied three days prior to or post eyebrow tinting treatment as tanning products can affect the colour and hold of the tint.